Scott Frank

Social Media Process Service

Believe it or not, service of process through social media is starting to become a reality. Of course, this all depends upon the precedents set in your home state. This concept means the legal system is finally catching up to other industries when comes to the...

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Can you Legally Lie to a Process Server?

As we all know, a plaintiff’s attorney, or a self-represented plaintiff, must prepare a summons to notify a defendant of a pending lawsuit officially and legally. He or she will then have a deadline by which she or he must file an answer with the court. The period in...

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How to Choose a Registered Agent

What Is a Registered Agent? A registered agent is someone who represents another person in legal matters. The term "registered" means that the government has approved this person to represent others before courts of law. For example, if you're forming a corporation...

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What Process Servers Do

Many people outside the legal support business have a limited view of exactly what process servers do. Sure, we serve papers, but we do so much more to get to that point. Here is an inside look at all the prep work that a typical process server must do in an average...

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Title Abstracting and Researching

Perhaps you are an investor, a title insurance issuer, an attorney providing opinions on title, or you simply would like to purchase a new home. In these situations, you will want to gather as much information as possible about particular pieces of property. This...

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