Child Custody Investigations

When determining how to get custody of your child there are many factors to consider.  Having physical surveillance done is one of the best ways to determine what is in the child’s best interest.

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Below are some of the things we look for in child custody cases.

Proof on any of the following can affect child custody agreements:

  • Leaving a minor child unsupervised in a vehicle
  • Smoking inside of a vehicle with minor children present
  • Visitation interference
  • Drinking and driving
  • Drugs
  • Children without seatbelts
  • Leaving children unsupervised
  • Child abuse
  • Primary parent is leaving the child with babysitters while partying on a frequent basis
  • Speeding, reckless driving or driving without insurance

When awarding custody, the court will look at “What’s best for the child”.    If any of the above issues can be proven it can help to build a child custody case that could be in your favor.

The devotion of the parent to the best interests of the child is one of the most important factors.  It is important for both parents to not use children as pawns and a way to control the other parent.

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