When an individual commits wrongdoing, their paperwork needs to be properly served in order for the court to have jurisdiction over them. As a result, many individuals who are in debt, committed assault, or worse may attempt to skip town. This is when having an experienced process server comes into play. Process servers use a method called skip tracing to find and physically hand individuals their paperwork, but what exactly is skip tracing?

Skip Tracing Fundamentals

Oftentimes, individuals leave behind clues after leaving an area. Uncovering these clues can require physical, database, and open-source research. As a result, process servers are able to piece together information to locate the individual who needs to be served their papers.

Tracing Information

Process servers take advantage of any and all avenues that could lead them to their target. This includes:

  • Social media posts
  • Geo-locating
  • Tax data
  • Credit applications & reports
  • Phone records
  • Email tracing
  • In-person accounts
  • Travel history

By using specialized tools and techniques, the process server can compile enough information to pinpoint the most likely location of their objective.

Where To Find Process Servers

When it comes to selecting a process server, experience matters. Fortunately, our team at Lafayette Process Servers provides Louisiana with unparalleled legal support, making us the trusted name to know. Please reach out via phone at 1-866-237-2853 or our contact form if you’re an individual or entity that requires paperwork to be served.

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