You may be wondering what a legal courier is, exactly, and what distinguishes him or her from other types of couriers. Well, put simply, a courier is one who delivers objects and paperwork after picking it up from the sender (unlike USPS, UPS, or FedEx), and a legal courier, like Scott Frank, specializes in the pickup and delivery of legal papers, hence the title.

You may be wondering when the need would arise for such a position. Well, there are many situations where these deliverers are so much more than just a luxury. In fact, they can be lifesavers!

For example, imagine an attorney that is taking over a matter tomorrow for another attorney that is ill. She can’t come to his office to get his client’s file because she will be at court, out of town, all day. A legal courier can easily pick the file up and bring it to her, wherever she is located.

And, what about packing up a case file, used in a matter before the court on a given day, and delivering the paperwork back to the attorney’s office, so he can easily move on to other cases? Conversely, we can bring a large file from the office and set it up for a hearing or a trial while the lawyer is taking care of other clients.

What if an attorney is passing on a longtime client’s matter to another office permanently? Can you imagine the amount of paperwork, evidence, depositions, and records that will need to be transferred? A legal courier can be trusted with such sensitive documents and you can be sure they arrive at the new lawyer’s office neatly and promptly.

Sometimes, items that are time sensitive must be filed with the appropriate courthouse or even with a particular government agency. These items usually include fees. They also need to be filed and stamped by a clerk. As a legal courier, Scott Frank will take care of these matters on your behalf. He will make all the necessary copies and will gladly wait in various lines all day until he is sure the job is done. So, let the team at Lafayette Process Servers deal with the hassle. Simply upload your papers to the Lafayette Process Servers website, provide payment, along with fees, and you will be guaranteed accurate, punctual, and discreet filing.

Scott is even willing to deliver an ex-parte, or emergency, motion directly to a judge for you or your company. These documents are extraordinarily time-sensitive, but you can always count on Lafayette Process Servers to meet any personal or court-mandated deadline. After all, ex-parte orders provide children with stability (custody matters), assist homeowners (foreclosures), and, in some cases, save lives (restraining orders).

Let us know how Lafayette Process Servers legal courier services can assist you. We deliver to anywhere in Louisiana, from Shreveport to Grand Isle and all points in-between. We also deliver to neighboring states. Let us know what you need and we will help you in any way we can!

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