The wonderful service that greater Lafayette has come to expect from us is now being extended into the areas of St. Charles and Jefferson Parishes. Yes, it is true. We are opening a new office in Lutcher and, as such, we will be able to provide the area with our unique plethora of legal support services which previously had only been available in greater Lafayette. Just what services do we provide, you may ask? Read on to learn all about what we do:

Process Serving

First and foremost, we are a process serving company. That means that, on your behalf, or at the request of your attorney, we deliver legal papers indicating that you have filed a lawsuit, to the other party. Now, that is a mouthful. Basically, when you (the plaintiff) file suit against a person or company (the defendant), they must be made aware of the proceeding. We deliver the court summons to the correct party. Even if they are hard to find, we have specialized methods to track them down.

Registered Agent

Business owners: we also can act as your company’s registered agent. This is the official person, representing a business, upon whom process is served if the entity is being sued. We also handle all state and federal filings so you business is always in compliance and good legal standing.

Courthouse Research

Do you, as an attorney or a pro-se litigant, need to find publicly available information on a witness or the other party in a lawsuit, however, you are too busy to take the time off to dig through paper records and microfiches? We would gladly take that trip and get into the nitty-gritty for you. We can search for specific items or comb through paperwork to find anything that matches a broad description of what you are looking for.

Courthouse Filing

In addition to research, we also don’t mind filing paperwork for pro-se litigants and attorneys. The lines in courthouses can be long and feel endless. Not to mention, there is so much bureaucracy and red tape to cut through that it can be a serious waste of time when you have more important things to work on. For example, you may need to make multiple copies, then have to wait in line again, or you may be in the wrong office and have to start over by waiting in a whole new line. Who has time for that? That is why we will kindly take the proverbial bullet for you and get your documents where they need to go. With almost twenty years of legal support experience, you can rest easy knowing everything will handled.

Legal Courier

Attorneys: Do you need sensitive legal documents transported between yourself and another lawyer’s office? Maybe you need a quick cleanup of paperwork and evidence taken from the office to the courtroom and back again because you other cases and hearings to get to. As a trusty legal courier, you can count on us to make that trip and do so with full discretion.

So, please, St. Charles and Jefferson Parish attorneys and pro-se litigants, we invite you to peruse our website and read in full detail about the many legal services we provide. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you like what you see, and we can give you a helping hand.

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