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    For all Process Serving in Connection to a Legal Proceeding Scott Frank is an Investigator under Louisiana Law: LA R.S 37:3503 8B(iv) George Knox Law Firm and a qualified Process server, representing Lafayette Process Servers LLC whose office is located at 117 W. Convent St, Lafayette, Louisiana. Both parties agree that for the purposes of Legal Venue, this agreement is made in the State of Louisiana, Lafayette Parish and that the laws of the jurisdiction will apply in all as they relate to the interpretation of this agreement. Client agrees that each retainer that is paid to the agency is a non-Refundable Retainer for the services of the Firm or their Agents in the amount of which is agreed upon or paid prior to services that will be rendered. This consist of, but are not limited to, process serving, background check, witness locate, dmv checks or any services that are agreed upon or requested by the client for the agency Lafayette Process Servers LLC to perform such duties. As such, Client agrees that Firm Lafayette Process Servers LLC is empowered to perform said services for Client and to do all things necessary, appropriate or advisable in performing said services. No illegal, immoral or unethical services will be knowingly provided by Lafayette Process Servers LLC. Client certifies that he/she is not knowingly requesting illegal, immoral, or unethical services. Firm agrees to conduct the services with due diligence to protect the interests to their best of their ability. Client agrees to indemnify and hold Firm and/or its agents and employees from all actions, causes for actions, claims, damages and demands of whatever type arising directly or indirectly from services provided, except for those arising from the firm’s intentional and wrongful acts. Search reports are performed strictly by the information provided on the subject by the Client. Any errors in spelling or numbering sequences can occur and result in wrong information on the subject. Firm uses data that is provided by different private sources, computer systems, public records, government open records that also may contain confidential source information. Firm cannot be held liable for inaccuracies contained within public record information or databases accessed. Use of this information may be subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other applicable laws, of which the Client assumes full responsibility for the release of any information contained in any report or correspondence provided by Firm. This agreement is binding for the benefit of and upon the parties hereto, their heirs, assigns, legal representatives and successors. If any portion of this agreement is held to be invalid, then the remainder shall retain its full force and effect. This agreement does not become valid until such time that it is accepted by both the Client and Firm. All process serving documents must be uploaded to the link below, failure to do so may result in lost emails with attached documents. Lafayette Process Server LLC is not responsible for any documents not received if not uploaded to the server link. All process serving must be prepaid prior to service attempts. Failure to prepay may delay service on documents that are rendered for service. To prepay please go to our website below. If paid by check you must email a copy of check. All affidavits or service returns for papers that are being served will not be mailed out until check has been received. Also, any new addresses to attempt to serve paper work for each individual or entity is an additional charge. For each process service that changes the service type, for example if personal service only and then client changes to sub-service after a first attempt, server could have sub served this at first attempt, this would count for a new additional fee because server could have served on first attempt. Unless agreed upon and specified on server upload instructions. All process services are for three attempts per the address provided, except for the above statement. All service returns that require a notary, one affidavit will be provided per service request, any additional notary if document is lost in mail or never received due to no fault of the agency, client aggress to pay a additional fee of $50 per document to be notarized. Services that are canceled prior to any work that has been provided. Client agrees that a 25 % administration fee applies to any credit that may be owed.
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