Welcome to the Baton Rouge and Lafayette Process Serving Podcast.


We are proud to begin airing our weekly episodes of informative, inspiring, and entertaining discussions with regard to the multiple legal support services that our company provides. Hosted and created by Scott Frank, the process server and business owner behind both Lafayette Process Servers and Baton Rouge Process Servers of Louisiana, he will address the many aspects of process serving, such as skip tracing, observations, and following the proper laws in order to provide effective service. He will also speak in depth with regard to the other aspects of his business, such as court filing, legal courier services, courthouse research, process agent, and a registered agent.

Mr. Frank and his associates will answer questions and speak with guests each week about his various services and the many issues that that he faces as part of his industry. He will address the laws put into place to regulate the industry and the cases that have put these provisions into action. If any situation comes up across the country affecting legal support services or process serving, you can bet that we will be talking about it, answering questions, and giving our opinions.

Our podcast is independently-produced by Scott and those in the business that want to share the ins and outs of the industry with consumers and anyone else that may be interested. Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, we understand Louisiana law, which is much different than that of the other 49 states. Though it should be said that we are NOT attorneys, we do try to provide information about what we do. That said, if you are ever unsure about any issue that we discuss on the podcast, please seek out the advice of a local attorney to get the hard-core facts as they may apply to your situation.

Your host, Scott Frank, is a twenty-plus-year veteran of the legal support business. He is a father, a grandfather, and a process server that serves the entire state of Louisiana, and Northern and Eastern Mississippi, as well as the owner and manager of two regional offices in Lafayette and Baton Rouge. When he is not working, he can be found spending time with his three children and grandson, attending church, and volunteering his community.

So, join us every week as we explore the exciting world of legal support and process serving. And, you can join us by following us on Facebook and Linkedin, where you can also propose weekly topics and ask us questions. So, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.

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Why Do People Get Served?

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Welcome to the Lafayette Process Servers LLC podcast. How Do I Know if a Process Server is Legitimate?   Going to court is a very serious matter. So, when a process server arrives at your home or workplace to serve you papers, it can be disconcerting, especially...

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