As one of Louisiana’s best process servers, it is only natural that Scott Frank of Lafayette Process Servers makes a discreet and responsible registered agent. The distinct positions carry many overlapping responsibilities. But, before digging into this point deeper, let’s start with the basics. First of all, what is a registered agent, and what do they do?

This is simple. Registered agents are representatives for companies that are registered with the state, such as corporations, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships. These can be individuals, companies, or even the owner or manager of such businesses. The registered agent is basically the liaison between the Secretary of State and the company. Registered agents receive mail, reminders from the state with regard to filings (in order to stay current), and are served on the behalf of the company if it is subject to a lawsuit or a subpoena of its records.

Having a registered agents is a requirement when you are registering your business with the state. This confirms that a business owner or CEO receives notification of paperwork, or a lawsuit or a subpoena. Prior to the establishment of registered agents, business owners or execs would simply deny having any knowledge of court proceedings or the receipt of state forms.

As said earlier, an executive or an owner of a business can be listed as its registered agent, but the job can be time consuming due to the many demands placed on today’s entrepreneurs. Also, getting served in front of customers or clients at a brick-and-mortar business can be humiliating. Even worse, if you work from a home-based business, you could be served in front of friends or family. The other party will also be aware of your private address.

The way to circumvent these worries is an option that was briefly touched on already. You can hire a private firm, such as Lafayette Process Servers, to act as your company’s registered agent, and all paperwork will be distributed to them at their address. Of course, you will be made aware of any paperwork, received on your business’s behalf, immediately.

Scott Frank knows about deadlines as a professional process server. Dealing with court filings, he and his team know that waiting just one day can change the outcome of a case. That is why you can be sure that you will receive all summonses, complaints, subpoenas, and state paperwork as soon as possible. He will also keep a copy of all paperwork in his files in case you need it.

Another reason to trust a process server with the responsibility of becoming your company’s registered agent is because they know discretion and privacy. Day after day, Scott and his crew are privy to volumes of information due to the delivery of documents to those who they were hired to serve. That said, with decades of satisfied customers, you know that you can trust the folks at Lafayette Process Servers to keep your personal details confidential.

And, as someone who knows all there is to know about process serving in Louisiana, it is only natural that Scott would make a fantastic registered agent. He knows what to expect when being served because it is a process that he, himself, completes every day. If there is anyone that you can trust with your legal paperwork, it certainly should be someone that is used to handling critical legal documents with care. That is why you should hire Lafayette Process Servers as your registered agent today!

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