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As an attorney, you know that serving papers to a defendant can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Fortunately, skip tracing can help. Skip tracing is a process used to locate people who have gone “missing” or have not been located by traditional methods. It can also assist with process serving, which is the legal delivery of documents such as summonses or subpoenas. Let’s take a look at how skip tracing makes process serving more efficient and effective.

How Skip Tracing Works

Skip tracing is done by using public records, commercial databases, and other sources of information to identify and locate individuals who are hard to find. This method helps attorneys quickly serve documents when they don’t know where their client’s opponent is located. It allows an attorney to serve their client’s documents without having to waste time going door-to-door or trying to track down someone in person. Plus, it can save money since there are no travel costs associated with this type of service.

The Benefits of Using Skip Tracing for Process Serving

One of the biggest benefits of using skip tracing for process serving is that it significantly reduces the amount of time an attorney has to spend tracking down a defendant. With skip tracing, attorneys can quickly find current contact information for potential defendants without having to spend hours searching public records or making phone calls. In addition, using skip tracing can help ensure that an attorney’s documentation is delivered promptly so that deadlines are met and cases are not delayed due to lack of service. Lastly, using skip tracing services often eliminates any need for an in-person visit which may be necessary with some more traditional process serving methods.

In conclusion, while there are many methods available for process serving, skip tracing offers numerous advantages over more traditional approaches. Its ability to quickly locate defendants saves attorneys time and money while ensuring that documents are served promptly and deadlines are met. Therefore, if you need assistance with your process serving needs, consider utilizing the power of skip tracing today!

Lafayette Process Servers LLC is unable to provide legal advice. Each state has its specific laws on document serving, so listeners must reach out to their local lawyer for accurate information and details.