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Process servers are people who deliver legal documents to individuals or businesses. If you are involved in a court case, you may be wondering if a process server will leave a note on your door if they cannot find you at home. Read on to learn the answer to this question and more about the do’s and don’ts of process servers.

Do Process Servers Leave Notes?

The short answer is yes, most process servers will leave a note if they cannot locate you at home. Process servers typically attempt three times to deliver the document before leaving a note. This note serves as proof that they attempted to serve you with the documents as requested. The note will contain information regarding when the process server attempted service, where they attempted service, what time of day it was, and other pertinent information.

Do Not Avoid Your Process Server

It can seem intimidating to be served with legal documents but it is important not to ignore them or avoid your process server. If you find out that someone has hired a process server for you, don’t try to hide from them or evade service—it could lead to consequences such as being held in contempt of court. The best bet is always to accept service when presented with documents from a process server so that there is no issue moving forward with your case.

Do Be Polite With Your Process Server

Although it can be frightening or uncomfortable when a process server shows up at your door, remember that they are just doing their job by serving legal documents—and it’s important for both parties that these documents get served properly and efficiently. It’s best practice to remain polite throughout the entire exchange; even though you may not agree with why they are there, remember that this person is simply carrying out orders from their employer and should be treated accordingly.

Process servers have an important job in ensuring legal documents get delivered properly, so we all must understand how the rules surrounding their services work. As we learned here today, most process servers will leave a note if they cannot locate the recipient at home during delivery attempts; however, recipients should also not avoid their process server or fail to accept delivery of any paperwork presented by them either as this could lead to further complications down the line in court proceedings. Above all else though, it is essential for everyone involved that politeness remains paramount during any exchange between recipient and process server alike!

Here at Lafayette Process Servers LLC, we understand that legal matters require specialized knowledge and expertise. For this reason, while our article may serve as an educational resource on the topic of process serving laws in your state, it is not a substitute for professional counsel from a qualified attorney with experience in the relevant area of law. If you are seeking detailed advice or direction regarding any specific situation, please consult with an appropriately licensed lawyer right away.