Visitation Supervisor

Scott Frank is a supervised visitation moderator. Scott has been affected by divorce both as a child when his parents went through a messy divorce and as a husband when his wife was unfaithful.  Scott is an excellent father and because of this the courts awarded him full custody.  His calming manner can help to relax the children and ease the tension between parents.
Traditionally the vast majority of visitation supervisors are women.  However, having a male supervised visitation monitor can sometimes help to ease the tensions that fathers have during this transition period.  Learning new more positive ways to connect with their children through these supervised visitation services can help to build the parent-child relationship in positive way for the future.
To speak with Scott and find out if he is the right choice to guide and moderate you through the supervised child visitation services please call 337-254-8169

In the best interest of a child(ren) the courts may choose to allow the child(ren) to only have contact with a one or both of the parents in the presence of neutral third person. 

Hiring a visitation supervisor who can act as the neutral third person can often help to defuse the tension that can happen during this difficult time. 

Selecting the right child visitation supervisor is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly.

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