Who is a Registered Agent?

Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and other commercial organizations must have an agent for service of process. A person nominated on behalf of a company to receive service of process in the case of a lawsuit is known as an agent for service of process. When submitting papers of incorporation or equivalent formal paperwork, every company is obliged to select someone in-state to act as its registered agent.

What Does a Registered Agent Do?

The registered agent is in charge of receiving legal papers served on your company. The documents must then be forwarded by the agent to the relevant person in your organization. The name and address of the agent will appear on the public records of your business organization. As a result, the agent may get notices from the secretary of state as well as taxing authorities. These alerts must also be forwarded to you by the agent. In case the agent’s address changes, you must ensure that the state has updated the agent’s address information. If your company fails to keep a registered agent, it may face fines.

The criteria for registered agents vary from state to state. Usually, the representative must be a resident of the state in issue or, in jurisdictions that allow businesses to serve as registered agents, an entity with a business office in the state that is allowed to do business there. While certain states allow a business entity to serve as its own registered agent provided at least one of its officials is a resident of the state, other states may need a company to select a third person as its registered agent.

Why Do You Need a Registered Agent?

Registered agents assist in ensuring that companies have access to the due process guarantee that is protected by the Constitution. Due process includes the legal right to be formally informed of a lawsuit or other legal issue filed against you or your company. Registered agents are the recipients of this notification, and they are responsible for informing the business entity of the proceedings against it.

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