Why You Need A Registered Agent in Louisiana

Why You Need A Registered Agent in Louisiana

Why are businesses required to appoint registered agents in Louisiana?

The state requires businesses to appoint a registered agent because if a lawsuit is filed against your business in court, the lawsuit cannot proceed unless one party can prove that the other party was properly notified. If a business owner is not clearly notified and there is no one to proof the notice was issued, the business owner would easily evade the lawsuit as in court a lawsuit cannot proceed without clear that the business owner has been noted of the lawsuit.

It is for this reason registered agents are important and required by the state.  Registered agents are a reliable and systematic means that guarantee all business receive any official communication and any legal notice.  Registered agents are a convenient and reliable way for the state and the general public to contact any business.

The question still remain why should you hire a registered agent?

For a business with a low risk of getting sued to hire a registered agent could look like an avoidable expense, however, this is not a risk we would recommend you to take, given the potential penalties that include losing your business status and liability shield. In the long-term, hiring a registered agent for LLC (Limited liability company) will prove to be a beneficial.

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