Why Choose Lafayette Process Servers LLC for All Your Your Louisiana Process Service and Legal Support Needs?

It’s simple – there’s just nobody that does the job better! Scott Frank is the certified legal process server that’s been trusted by courts, attorneys and pro-se litigants for close to twenty years. He started out in Southwest Louisiana, but his reputation has spread throughout Louisiana, and North and East to Mississippi. His success has prompted him to expand his services and create Lafayette Process Servers and Same Day Couriers, a company offering a full range of legal support services.

Lafayette Process Servers – Experience Counts

Scott Frank’s always up to date on the laws surrounding the service of process in Louisiana. Customers count on him to know exactly how to serve documents for every type of legal proceeding. His success is due to his reputation as the most knowledgeable, reliable and personable process server in the region. The best attorneys know that claims of improper service can delay or destroy their cases, that’s why they insist on using Scott Frank, and you should too.

Top Louisiana Process Servers – Modern and Tech Savvy

Scott Frank is always looking for ways to serve his customers better. That’s why all of his process servers wear body cameras to provide additional proof of valid service and to protect them from physical assaults. Scott’s always looking for ways to improve his service and make things easier for customers. That’s why he’s using the most up to date and seamless technology for service of process and other types of document services. ServeManager is state of the art software on Lafayette Process Server’s website that allows its customers to easily upload and download documents, saving time, effort and postage costs.

Louisiana Same Day Courier Service

When you need a same day Louisiana legal courier to deliver important documents, you need to hire the company with the best reputation to ensure that the job is done right. Some legal matters require finding a person that left without a trace and doesn’t want to be found. That’s when Scott’s talents as a Louisiana skip tracer and witness locator really shine. Scott will bend over backwards to help you find the person you’re looking for.

Experts in Louisiana Legal Support

Excellent legal support services require qualified and experienced personnel, that’s why the top law firms in the area choose Scott Frank’s Lafayette Process Servers for all their needs. Whether you’re looking for Louisiana Courthouse Research, Louisiana Courthouse “Walk-throughs,” Lafayette Process Servers can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Why waste time by hiring a service that’s learning on the job, when you can hire the most reputable company in Louisiana.

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