Month: December 2022

Is a Process Server Legitimate?

When it comes to legal proceedings, process servers are essential. They ensure that individuals involved in the case have been properly notified and can provide evidence that all paperwork was correctly served. But what makes a process server legitimate? Let’s take a...

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What You Need to Know about Serving a Summons

  Serving a summons is a crucial part of the legal process. In Louisiana, it’s important to understand the basics of serving a summons if you’re involved in the process server industry. This blog post will dive into some of the key elements associated with...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Affidavits of Service

If you’ve ever been involved in a legal case, you may have heard the term “affidavit of service.” But what exactly is an affidavit of service? In this blog post, we will explain what an affidavit of service is and how it plays a role in the legal process. What is an...

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What Are Concealed Carry Laws?

What Are Concealed Carry Laws? Concealed carry laws are statutes that allow people to legally carry concealed weapons in public places. These laws vary from state to state, but they generally require individuals to obtain a permit before they can legally carry a gun...

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Finding a Reliable Legal Courier Near You

  Whether you are a law firm, business, or individual looking for a reliable legal courier service, finding the right one that is located close to you can be difficult. Countless companies are offering legal courier services but not all of them offer the same...

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What is Skip Tracing and How Does it Work?

What is Skip Tracing and How Does it Work? Skip tracing is a process used to locate people who have gone missing or are avoiding contact. It’s an important tool in the legal world as it helps attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals track down debtors,...

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Serving Court Documents in Lafayette, Louisiana

Serving Court Documents in Lafayette, Louisiana Blog Introduction: Whether you’re an attorney, paralegal, or legal assistant, one of the most important steps in any court process is serving documents. In Lafayette, Louisiana, certain rules and regulations must be...

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