What is Form BOC-3?

BOC-3 is a form that is provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, and it gives brokers, motor carriers, and freight forwarders the ability to operate in multiple states in which they conduct business by providing them with a legal presence...

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Skip Tracing to Aid in Process Serving

What is Skip tracing? Skip tracing is the act of gathering information from multiple sources in order to locate a person that is difficult to find. As a matter of fact, the “skip” portion of the phrase “skip tracing” refers to the act of one “skipping” town. After...

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Visitation Supervisor

Unfortunately, there are circumstances in which the court deems that it is in the “best interests of the child(ren)” for visitations between them and their mother or father, or with both parents, to occur under the supervision of a neutral advisor. Such situations...

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What is a Courthouse Researcher?

The term “courthouse research,” as opposed to the commonly confused term, “legal research,” means literal, on-site pillaging of case data that is contained in the courthouse archives to search for information that may be relevant to a current matter. It is usually...

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Insurance for Process Servers

Although it is not very exciting, insurance is a subject that all business owners, including process servers, should look into before getting out and doing work in the field. Owning a business presents many risks that are not limited to simply profit and loss, and...

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What is a Registered Agent?

If you are the owner and operator of any type of company, with the exception of a sole proprietorship, you already know that in order to register with your prospective state, you must designate a registered agent. It is a basic part of your formation paperwork...

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What is a Process Agent?

So, what does a process agent do, and when is such an entity required? Well, let’s say you or your company is conducting business in another state, or even in another nation, for an extended period of time. While this is going on, something occurs where a liability...

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How Process Servers Handle Non-Serves

What does a process server do if they cannot serve a person? Although not favorable, process servers are sometimes faced with not being able to serve someone that their client has hired them to serve. This can be frustrating for the process server and the client as a...

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