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The safeguarding of legal documents is essential. They are also so vulnerable that when you have to send them to another address, there’s a risk involved. When you work in an attorney’s firm or need it for the benefit of the Court, the legal records are also used. They always have to arrive quickly and safely at a customer. But daily business owners also need to transfer confidential information elsewhere. 

If you own a law firm or are involved in some activity that needs legal documents to be delivered to a courtroom or any venue, you probably already know how time-consuming this process can be. That if you entrust your court deliveries and other legal delivery services to a company that is specialized in delivering qualified messenger services to legal profession members, you will take advantage of efficiency improvements saving you time and money when freeing up your resources for more critical endeavors.

 In order to engage a trustable legal courier service, you can rely on Lafayette Process Servers LLC for the secure sending or receiving of legal documents.

Knowledgeable on all courthouse procedures, we offer:

  • Filing
  • Recording
  • Issuing
  • Date Stamp Copies
  • Researching background from civil to criminal checks
  • Court File Copying and Retrieval
  • Direct delivery to Judges
  • Process Service

Why do you need a legal courier service?

Advanced technology allows people around the world to easily access any web-based interactions that include sending documents via email, exchanging images via social media, etc. Even the internet gave us the luxury not to leave our home. Nonetheless, there are also a variety of items and transactions to be done offline, including legal courier services.

A legal courier service could certainly be useful when emails are not going to work. Legal Courier service offered as a business by Lafayette Process Servers is one that delivers essential documents for purposes legally recognized. The service involves the collection and handing over of time-sensitive documents and packages that could not be delivered via commercial mail. Legal couriers must meet deadlines when requests are made for their services. Deliveries will never run the way you want them to, without using a professional legal courier service. Nobody would go out of their way to help you out and after all, gather all the legal papers for you. Legal Courier Services are entitled to pick up and drop off places as well as the legal documents you ask them to deal with. 

When delivering papers, they offer secure services and do not reveal personal information. The couriers give warmth and tranquility to the customer. If you can’t pick up your things, the couriers will ease the burden and deliver the parcels.

At times, there are situations when the legal documents are to be delivered in a rush to the Courtroom directly or before the Courthouse or wherever required on-demand. In urgency, our legal courier service is always available to perform these tasks.


Engaging in a legal courier service helps save time for the employees. For certain situations, a legal document would only have to be delivered and dropped down the street. Yet several deliveries that are connected to the legal process for law firms and businesses need more than just a fast drop-off at a nearby spot. One of the most repetitive and time-draining activities includes the delivery to courthouses of legal documentation, which then needs more steps. Of example, documentation also has to be checked and stamped by the Courthouse to illustrate evidence of submission, and if necessary, someone has to wait idly at the Courthouse while the clerk takes care of this process. Furthermore, after the copies have been checked and stamped, the documentation has to be returned to the law firm or another location. 

If you can imagine, it can take quite some time to have to wait in the Courtroom as documentation is entered, processed, copied and/or signed. It’s time your employees didn’t have to waste this. Nonetheless, if you employ a legal courier service business, such as Lafayette Process Servers, which is specialized in managing all forms of court delivery and knows precisely what needs to be accomplished once the destination is reached, you can also easily accomplish the task at hand while making the whole process more efficient because you are freeing up your employees to perform more productive tasks instead of wasting time on deliveries.

Legal couriers collect and sometimes deliver time-sensitive documents and packages. A lawsuit is generally a labyrinth of deadlines, often imposed by the Court to avoid the dragging out of proceedings for lengthy and unfair periods. U.S. mail or even overnight delivery systems such as Federal Express cannot distribute documents and packages when time is of the essence. In essence, it’s always important to provide documentation with business hours of the day. Cost-effective method

Every company is always on the lookout for ways to reduce its costs. Companies such as law firms also have to rely on delivery companies to help them perform their daily business, but that doesn’t mean they want to pay a lot for it. Luckily, if you are calling for delivery of the same day’s courier or can wait until tomorrow, the cost of the courier companies is lower. It is due to their low running costs. You can afford to charge less delivery money than a larger postal or delivery service would. Our company maintains a record of who received the documents, and when it entered the address of the receiver. We also request the particular individual signs for delivery and even include receipt documents so you know it was completed on time and right.

Contact Lafayette Process Servers LLC for Legal Courier Services

Lafayette Process Servers provides legal courier services that your business needs. If you are based in Louisiana, you can always work with us. We represent a lot of lawyers every day, and our legal couriers handle a range of legal documents. This may range from simple court files to serving subpoenas or even reviewing records for a specific case at the Courthouse. From rush pickups to on-demand delivery, your materials will be delivered comfortably, reaching their destination without delay. For more details, give us a call at 1-888-204-7683. We commit to safeguarding your valuable documents and packages.

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