Same Day Courier Services

Lafayette Process Servers also offers you same day courier services.  You can rely on our same day courier service in Southwest Louisiana areas from Lake Charles all the way to Lafayette LA.

Here are some of the great benefits you will find with our services:

Some of the services we offer

  • Process of service
  • Retail orders
  • Corporate shopper
  • Medication delivery
  • Construction supplies
  • Medical lab specimens
  • Airport packages
  • Banking
  • Business documents
  • Advertising materials

We can pickup/deliver documents or packages up to 50lbs each with a total dimension not exceeding 3 feet by 3 feet. 

Flexible Booking

Lafayette same day courier services offer you ease of booking.
Phone 1-888-204-7683 

Text: 1-337-254-8169

We make it easy to register for the service from any location convenient to you.

Avoid Lost Packages

Lost packages is something that is all too common with traditional courier services.  Our door to door courier services are dependable and guaranteed.   Your package will not change hands multiple times or be transferred through distribution center’s which can increase the risk of items being lost.  Your package will be picked up and delivered by the same individual which will ensure there aren’t any concerns about deliverability.

Ship Fragile Items

Most couriers highly discourage shipping fragile items.  When these items are processed through distribution center’s they are often on conveyor belts, can be dropped or have other heavy items land on them.  When they are transported on trucks they can be packed under heavier items or shuffled around multiple times while the driver seeks to find the packages to deliver to various locations.  Your items are personally picked up, packed carefully into a vehicle and driven personally to their destination.  They receive the same or better level of care than you driving the item there yourself.

Delivery Reliability

You will be provided with a level of dependability and reliability when it comes to documents and package delivery.  Your documents and package are personally picked up and delivered to your door.

We are available 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Save Time

Same Day Courier Lafayette will ensure you or your business saves time with documents and packages getting picked up at your home or office and be delivered direct to its destination.  Often packages can be time sensitive and you don’t have time to wait days for documents to delivered.

Email, Call or Text Tracking

When waiting for a valuable package or important documents, it is easy to feel a little anxious.  We provide you with an update when your package has been delivered, you can choose your preferred method – we can call you, text or email you.  You will be assured your package has arrived safely giving you peace of mind.

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