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Lafayette Process Servers LLC is the most reliable and modern service in Louisiana. We know the rules inside out, ensuring that that service is valid and will survive a legal challenge. Proper service and accurate affidavits are the first line of protection, but at Lafayette Process Servers we go the extra mile. All of our process servers wear body cameras, providing extra evidence of valid service. A defendant just can’t claim they weren’t served when there’s video evidence! The use of body cameras also helps safeguard process servers from physical assaults by providing a visual record of what’s transpired. There is hope that the use of body cameras will be a force in reducing the number of trivial court proceedings contesting the validity of service.

Same Day Legal Courier Service

When you have important legal documents that need to be confidentially and promptly transported, you need the best Louisiana same day legal courier service. Lafayette Process Services is the most reliable legal courier service in Louisiana, so you can feel confident that your documents will arrive on time. When your documents need white glove service, our transportation professionals will plan out the most efficient routes, delivering your package door to door at exactly the time you specify, with no windows of time to consider. Our couriers will obtain the proper signatures at both ends, and can provide an affidavit of service or body camera footage upon request.

Court Filing

In a typical lawsuit there are many papers that must be property filed in court. Some examples are:

  • Affidavits of Service

  • Motions

  • Orders

These documents must be filed on time, and sometimes with a check for the “filing fee.” Lafayette Process Servers has close to twenty years of experience filing documents in the Louisiana courts, so you can trust that your documents will be filed property and on time. Lawsuits can be dismissed or prejudiced if they are not properly filed. That’s why people trust Lafayette Process Servers to get the job done right.

Criminal and Civil Background Checks

The character of a plaintiff or defendant in a civil lawsuit can have a huge impact on a case. For example, a personal injury plaintiff that was convicted for fraud would not be a very credible witness on their own behalf, so this information would be very useful to the defense. Conscientious attorneys and pro-se litigants will often do background checks on all the parties involved to see if any information turns up that might help their case. Lafayette Process Servers does thorough and comprehensive criminal and civil background checks that you can rely on.

Courthouse Research

Many types of cases can now be e-filed in Louisiana, greatly simplifying courthouse research in the state. In addition to the convenience of e-filing itself, the information from these cases is readily available online. Many people are comfortable e-filing and accessing electronic information on their own, but for those that aren’t, Lafayette Process Servers can provide this service. Some types of cases cannot be e-filed and information from those cases must be obtained by visiting the courthouse and making copies. Older cases of all types are stored in Louisiana courthouses, and require an experienced courthouse researcher to retrieve and copy the information requested.

Court Paper “Walk-Throughs”

Some legal matters require papers to be shuttled from one part of the courthouse to another for filing, stamping, paying a fee or for other reasons. Attorneys and pro-se litigants find that hanging around the courthouse all day to walk papers through the courthouse is not an efficient use of their time, so they hire a Louisiana court paper “walk-through” service to do it for them. Lafayette Process Servers reliably handles court paper “walk-throughs” in Louisiana.

Witness Locating and Skip Tracing

Before a subpoena can be served on a witness, their whereabouts must be determined. Sometimes people are aware that they’re the likely subject of a lawsuit, or an adverse order of the court, and will try to avoid being served. They may simply leave town or try to “go underground.” Skip tracing is a term used to refer to the procedures used to locate somebody that does not want to be found. “Skip” comes from the expression “skip town.” Skip tracing is done by professionals, starting with collecting all the available information about the person that is being sought. Skip tracing will often utilize the following sources:

  • Criminal background checks

  • Loan applications

  • Utility bills

  • Credit reports

  • Phone number databases

  • Court Records

  • Public records databases

  • Air travel records

  • Driver’s licensing and vehicle registration

This information is verified and analyzed to determine where it would be best to start looking for the subject. The next step usually involves interviewing sources, surveillance work and following up on leads.

Louisiana Registered Agent Service

Louisiana requires all corporations, and LLC’s filed in their state, to appoint a registered agent. A registered agent is simply a person or company designated, in a public record, to accept service of process (of legal documents) and notifications from the Secretary of State’s office on behalf of the business entity. One of the requirements for a registered agent is maintaining a physical street address in the state that is open during business hours. Owners of home businesses, online businesses and other businesses that do not have a public physical location that is open during business hours can select a Louisiana legal support services provider to fulfill this role. For a very reasonable yearly rate, Lafayette Process Servers can be your registered agent in Louisiana.

Other Legal Support Services Upon Request

If you require legal support services in Louisiana, but you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please feel free to call us to discuss ordering a custom service. We’ve made a name for ourselves as the top Louisiana process servers and Louisiana legal support service providers because we’re always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Call us and find out what really great service is.

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