Substitute Service of Process

Substitute service of process is less desirable than direct service and generally only used when the  party being served has been proven to be unreachable after several failed attempts at which point the courts will allow for substituted service.  The process server is required to document the attempts that were made and you as the client are privy to this information.

Substituted service allows the process server to leave service documents with another responsible third party such as parents or employer.  The person receiving the documents is legally bound to serve the person named on the documents being served.  Substituted service often requires a serving party show that ordinary service is impracticable and that substituted service will reach the party and effect notice.

In addition, substituted service may be done through public notice followed by sending the documents by certified mail.  Service of process is the deliverance of legal documents that officially request someone’s presence in court. There are several ways to serve someone with these documents, including substituted service.

The agent for acceptance of service is person authorized to accept service on behalf of the served party. For example, many corporations are required to have an agent for acceptance of service. Acceptance by an agent for acceptance of service is a form of substituted service.

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