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There aren’t really any exciting or positive reasons for getting served legal paperwork by a process server, though there are some scenarios that may be less unpleasant than others. Rather than being a litigant in a lawsuit, you may be asked to testify as a third party to a matter, or your business records may be subpoenaed for the same reason.

That all said, the documents most commonly served by process servers are summonses and complaints. These are the papers that let a person know he or she is being sued. This can lead to all sorts of anxiety and stress since no one wants to worry about going to court, whether it is a civil or family matter.

This is just one of several reasons why people tend to avoid service of process. Here are a few more typical motivations for dodging service:

Fear of the Unknown The main reason that most people evade service of process is fear.

They may be afraid of facing uncomfortable circumstances and consequences under the law. After all, if you are not well-versed in the legal system, receiving documents out of the blue can be scary and off-putting.

And, even if you are expecting paperwork or have gone through a similar process in the past, it can still be quite intimidating.

Avoidance of Responsibilities There are plenty of folks who purposely evade service of process in Baton Rouge to keep from meeting their legal obligations. These can include paying child support, restitution, or fines, making a court appearance, or responding to litigation.

Humiliation or shame Service of process usually indicates that the recipient of legal paperwork is, at the very least, peripherally involved in a sensitive situation that has progressed into a legal matter.

Many of these situations are not only private but personal, and a visit from a process server may lead to embarrassment. After all, no one wants their dirty laundry aired in front of family members at home or co-workers on the job.

Doubts of Validity Sometimes, a “process server” may act in ways that are not typical of someone in the profession, sparking suspicions of fraud, as there have been many recent cases of process server scams. As such, people may avoid a Metairie process server that is actually legitimate if they are unsure of their identity.

Worries about an Adverse Result A servee may or may not have committed any wrongdoing; however, he or she may still be dreading an unfavorable outcome arising from a possible legal action initiated against them.

Efforts to Dodge Debt If the pending lawsuit involves a financial dispute or collection, a defendant may try to evade service of process in order to avoid paying an outstanding bill or invoice.

Buying time doesn’t change things. While those who avoid Lafayette process servers may think they are eliminating their problems, they are actually just delaying the inevitable. That’s because legal issues won’t disappear because service wasn’t effective. Proceedings will carry on, often defaulting to the plaintiff’s side in the defendant’s absence.

Also, a well-trained process server is skilled at various methods of locating individuals who are running or hiding. We can use online and social media activity, skip tracing, and our thorough investigation skills. Courts may also allow alternative service of process, such as posting notice in the local newspaper or at the recipient’s last verified address. That is why it is always best to accept the paperwork from the process server and deal with the conflict in court with the aid of a trustworthy attorney.


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