Witness Location Services

If you need to locate a witness in order to subpoena his or her testimony, or you wish to depose him or her, you have come to right place. It certainly can be challenging for pro se litigants and even high-profile law firms to find eyewitnesses in greater New Orleans that are critical to a case, and sometimes locating character witnesses, as well as witnesses working in a professional capacity, can be just as tough.

The availability and cooperation of witnesses in a given legal endeavor can make or break even the most carefully-constructed case. That is why we offer the professional witness location services you need to guarantee the testimony and/or business records necessary to succeed in court.

Witness Participation can be Vital

We understand that securing the participation of witnesses in some matters can give you or your client the best edge to win a lawsuit, a family matter, or a contested succession. If you can’t find that person, or get a copy of his or her records, prior to a critical legal proceeding, you may find yourself completely out of luck. At Lafayette Process Servers, we never want this unfortunate situation to happen to you or your client. That is why, though we know that it can be a difficult process, we offer comprehensive witness location services for both attorneys and pro se litigants.

That said, witnesses can sometimes be particularly hard to find. They may not want to be involved, so they may be purposely avoiding you, or they may have simply moved away, changed jobs, or have no idea of their importance to a pending legal matter. That is where we excel. We specialize in the location of witnesses for both pro se litigants and legal professionals. Using our proven methods, we can assure you that we will do our absolute best to find and contact key witnesses for service of process, litigation, or depositions.

We incorporate a variety of tactics to ensure that we will find exactly the person that you are searching for. For example, we have access to a variety of public record databases which we can easily leverage to effectively locate witnesses. We can perform a skip trace by using information sources, interviewing associates, such as known family members, friends, co-workers, and associates, and following up on viable leads. We take any pertinent data we find and cross-reference it with other known information to  establish and follow promising leads.

And, when searching for witnesses in Baton Rouge, we take the time to strictly adhere to ethical parameters that are within the law. We respect the privacy of all individuals, and we will not resort to underhanded tricks to gain access to sensitive information. You can always trust us to respect your confidentiality, as well as the confidentiality of others.

We know that locating witnesses in Lake Charles can be time-consuming and can distract legal professionals from their other vital responsibilities. That is why we would like to take this exhaustive chore off your hands and find those individuals that hold the proverbial key to securing a win for your client. As legal professionals ourselves, we understand how important this can be for you, though we want to state on the record that we are not attorneys ourselves. If you are not a lawyer and you have any questions about this post, please contact an attorney in your state for answers.


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